Meet Kasia!! (@nataeileen)⬇️⬇️


▪️Growing up, Kasia had a million ideas of what she wanted to be, but welding was not one of them!👩‍🏭

▫️She dropped out of high school a year early to work boring jobs. Eventually she returned and received her high school diploma!! 🎓

▪️At age 24, she was working with a woman whose husband was a welder. As soon as she pulled the trigger, she was absolutely hooked!

▫️That fall, she began attending @conestogacollege for the 2 year welding and fabrication program.

▪️The Monday following her graduation, she has hired at @tigercat_machines and has been working there ever since!!

▫️When she isn’t welding, she can be found 🐠fishing, 🧁baking (girl hook me up!), cross stitching, and dabbling in various art styles! She also volunteers her time teaching women about the trade and how to weld! One of her favourite organizations is Jill Of All Trades!

▪️Kasia loved the dirty glamour of her trade and strives to be red seal certified one day!

▫️ @nataeileen Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story!! I look forward to watching you grow and achieve those goals of becoming red seal certified! Get it girl!

⚜️Tell me about an inspiring trades woman below!! 💕↙️↘️


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