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Mackenzie Gillan

▪️Mackenzie Gillan attended the Powerline Technician ⚡️ program at Conestoga College. She successfully completed two co-op placements; where she painted transmission towers on Canada’s 🇨🇦 east coast and experienced downtown distribution in her time with Toronto Hydro.

▫️Following the pandemic, she is looking forward to starting her apprenticeship with hydro one/ PWU and reaching real seal certification as a Journeyperson Powerline Technician 💡

▪️Although Mackenzie now loves to work with her hands, she did not grow up on the tools. Mackenzie started playing competitive sports at a young age, with a strong passion for 🏒ice hockey. She was working towards an athletic scholarship for her post-secondary education. After having a few injuries and family complications, Mackenzie started realizing that university was not the right pathway for her.

▪️After moving to a small town and taking a fifth year of high school, Mackenzie explored some other career/ education options. She stumbled across the powerline technician trade and decided that it was the right fit for her.

▫️Mackenzie dedicated her time and investments to ensure that she would be a top candidate for apprenticeship opportunities. As Mackenzie worked towards her apprenticeship hours, she met organizations that helped her progress along the way.

▪️Now as an Ambassador for Kickass Careers, Women of Powerline Technicians, and Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE), 💥 Mackenzie looks to encourage more young people to consider pursuing skilled trades, as there are many pathways to success.

▫️ @kickass_kenzie_ Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring journey!! I can’t wait to follow your story as you progress and grow into an amazing Powerline Technician!

⚜️Tell me about an Inspiring woman in your life!! 💕↘️↙️

Mackenzie Gillan

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