Meet Marie!! (@greatdamerestoration)⬇️


▪️Marie is the ‘primary’ dame at Great Dame Restoration – a women owned and operated business focused on the restoration and revitalization of antiques!

▫️Marie was never the type to settle into a single career path, she has explored building restoration, paper preservation and conservation with the National Archives, inventoried museum collections, conducted oral histories, advocated for preservation and much much more!

▪️Her main motivation for doing this work is simple. Every time she sees something old and broken, she thinks “I could fix that”

▫️This has led her down the road of woodworking, refinishing and perpetual learning! (She has made some beautiful pieces, so be sure to check them out!) 🪑

▪️I have to include one line from one of her posts because it makes me burst out laughing every single time- “Well, I was inspired by my two colleagues, Annabelle and Abigail. I still don’t know what they do, but they are often in the workshop walking around, so I guess we’ll keep them on the payroll.”

▫️ @greatdamerestoration Thank you so much for allowing me to tell your story! I can’t wait to see what antique pieces you and the other dames create next!

⚜️Tell me about the inspiring women in your life, I want to tell their stories too! 💕↘️↙️


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