Meet Sarah!! (@sarah.r.ptbo) ⬇️⬇️


▪️Sarah is 34 years old, and welding is her second career! She was a 💆‍♀️massage therapist for 13 years and had many side jobs before realizing she needed a change!

▫️What she was doing wasn’t working anymore, she couldn’t handle the world of sales and retail! When COVID hit, it forced her to take time to figure shit out.

▪️By the end of the summer, she was enrolled at @canadianweldingskills for their 10 week program. She never thought she would love welding as much as she does! 👩‍🏭💥

▫️Sarah’s boyfriend was the one that suggested she should look into welding (talk about a keeper💕!!)

▪️She has since finished the program but decided to stay for an extra week to develop more skills! Her next goal is to find a job and show the world what she is capable of!

▫️ @sarah.r.ptbo Thank you so much for telling me about your journey! I’m going to be rooting for you every step of the way! I know you’re going to kick serious ass as a welder!!

⚜️Tell me about the inspiring women in your life, I want to tell their stories too!! 💕↙️↘️


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