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▪️Daniela did a drastic career change from a Vet Technician to a Welder 5 years ago. She wanted a career that pays well and gives the independence she was seeking, which made her look into the trades.

▫️In high school she was the only girl that took the Automotive class and learned basic welding skills then. Her teacher at the time told her she was very good at it and should consider it as a career, but as a girl in High school she never considered it.

▪️Daniela took a big chance, quit her job, took Sheridan’s College 1 year Welding program and completely fell in love with it. It was the best decision she had ever made for herself. Over the years she has dipped my toes in different kinds of welding jobs, from ironworker to fabrication to automotive, and production welding.

▫️She is a single mom of a toddler and 3 years ago she faced her biggest challenge as a welder, welding while pregnant. Her goal was to continue until she couldn’t stand anymore and she welded until she was 7 months pregnant while doing the same job as before.

▪️While she was pregnant she started her own small business “Think Pink Welding” because slowing down was not in her dictionary.

▫️She combined her passion for TIG welding and horses creating Horseshoe Home Decor. Over the past few years, it has boomed more than she could have ever imagined. She has recently started experimenting creatively and entered her first art exhibition with a scrap metal piece and won the people’s choice award.

▪️This year she is working towards her Level 1 Welding Inspection Certification and has been given the opportunity of a lifetime to be working at the Canadian Welding Bureau @cwbgroupwelding as the Assistant Welding Instructor for their new WEST ( Welding Employment Skills Training).

Daniela’s website:

▫️ @thinkpinkwelding Thank you so much for sharing your story!! I can’t wait to see what you achieve this coming year, congratulations on the new job, and going to school! 💕

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