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Heather Holler

▪️Heather Holler didn’t get into cars until she was 20. She thought she was going to be a soccer player. Her boyfriend let her race his car at an autocross event, where she beat him in his own car. She sold her SUV 2 weeks later and bought the Subaru.

▫️She found herself attending tech school when she was 22. Heather had unknowingly bought a car with a blown engine, and had to learn on her feet how to swap an engine. She used her knowledge from her own car to get a job as an apprentice at a local Subaru dealership.

▪️In her first year working at Subaru, she learned about rally and decided to reach out to the owner of Vermont Sportscar and the manager of the Subaru Rally Team to ask what it takes to have a job like that. The answer : Experience.

▫️ Heather gained experience in the dealerships and with a couple privateer teams. She then applied for a mechanic position with the team and found herself in Los Angeles a couple months later, having an interview after watching a rally cross event. They said they were interested in hiring her, but couldn’t guarantee anything. They also said it would be easier to hire her if she moved out to Vermont. So she packed up everything and moved 3000 miles across the country with her dog.

▪️After a year with VT Car, she free lanced for DirtFish for the next 4 seasons. During that time with DirtFiish, she made cameo appearances on TV shows like Twin Turbos, and was even a Subaru specialist for Chip Foose on OverHaulin’.

▫️After getting married, she and her husband moved to “Race City USA” (Mooresville, NC). She started working for the drift team, Vaughn Grittin Jr. Motorsports and RTR. Recently she decided to go back to school for a mechanical engineering degree with a focus in Motorsport. She also won a Jessi Combs Foundation Scholarship.

▪️She will be spending her first year of school online, while in Germany. She accepted a job offer for the Hyundai World Rally Team where she will be on the WRC test team, hopefully working her way up to the WRC event team by the end of the year!

▫️ @miss_shift you are phenomenal, Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journeys with me! I can’t wait to watch everything you’re going to accomplish!! We are rooting for you 💕

⚜️Tell me about an inspiring tradie ladie!! 💕↙️↘️

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Heather Holler

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