Meet Sana!! (@twisting_force)⬇️⬇️


▪️Sana is from Beach Park, IL. She works on semi tractors and trailers (and anything diesel!)

▫️She has a huge passion for welding, tow trucks and motorcycles. She previously worked as an HVAC technician.

▪️She recently received a Jessi Combs Foundation scholarship, which she is applying towards getting her welding certificate and additional diagnostic specific training for HD trucking.

▫️In parallel with the foundation, she hopes to start a program getting youth, especially young girls, interested in the trades early on!

▪️Sana says “they are the future of the industries and women need to be a normalcy in them”

▫️ @twisting_force Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I want to share what @automotivesuffragette said when she recommended you, because it melted my heart 💕

“You should feature Sana Anderson @twisting_force . She kicks butt and she just got the Jessi Combs Foundation scholarship!!!!!! I’m so proud of her. She says I’m her Diesel Mom and I love that! I just point her in the right direction and she does the work to put herself at the top of her profession. She is able to overcome tough circumstances and just keep moving forward. She is very mechanically inclined and can diagnose, do electrical, welding, ect. She’s a hard working woman who deserves recognition! Keep your eye on her! She’s going places!”

⚜️Tell me about those inspiring women!! 💕↘️↙️


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