Meet Elizabeth!! (@bettysgarage)⬇️⬇️

Elizabeth Jorgenson

▪️Elizabeth Jorgenson, aka Betty, grew up working in the shop with her dad who used to be a mechanic when he was younger! 👩‍🔧

▫️She entered the industry because she loved that feeling of accomplishment when you can actually see the work that has been done. 🔧

▪️She has officially been in the industry for 4 years and has 2 ASEs along with Michigan licenses. She also went to college and has both an Associates in Automotive Services, and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration.

▫️Her favourite things to work on are Electrical diagnostics.

▪️Betty married her husband in September of 2019 and they had a truck themed wedding 💕🛻

▫️Betty’s goal is to open a shop someday with her husband and father, offering classes to teach women about their cars! 🚗

▪️ @bettysgarage Thank you so much for sharing your empowering story with me!! I can’t wait to see you open your own shop, and I hope I get an invite to help teach women about their cars 😜💕

⚜️Tell me about an inspiring woman!! 💕↘️↙️

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Elizabeth Jorgenson

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