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Ida Zetterström

▪️Ida Zetterström was born in Stockholm, Sweden. She grew up at the drag strip with her family. She has been around racing her entire life and started racing herself at 8 years old in the Junior Dragster.

▫️At the age of 16, she stepped up and got her Super Comp Dragster license, but the last four years have been devoted to the bike scene. She began competing in the class Super Street bike in 2017.

▪️In 2019 she and her team won the Scandinavian series, becoming the first female champion in the class.

▫️In 2020 she broke in the the 6-second zone and ended the year with PB of 6.88s and 215mph/346kmh down the quarter mile. This makes them the third quickest team in Europe. She also ended up with a win at the Finnish Championship.

▪️ @dragsterfia thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! We will all be cheering you on through your adventures 🥰

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Ida Zetterström
Ida Zetterström

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