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Aimee Stanton

▪️Aimee started her journey studying beauty therapy before she decided she couldn’t paint nails and wanted to be a Plumber.

▫️She applied for 120+ jobs in the plumbing industry before only hearing back from 1. From there she had a tough start with falling through a roof, getting a piece of metal stuck in her butt, crashing her car through the job site fence all in the first week.

▪️She persisted to show that she could do it, not long after she went on to thrive in her career. She always said after she has an apprenticeship under her belt, she would go out and chase her dreams.

▫️Now Plumber turned DIY specialist & Tiny House Creator, she’s passionately advocate Women in the Trades. From building, creating DIY projects, living more sustainably & everything in between – Aimee is a firm believer that anyone can get on the tools & give it a crack.

▪️She isn’t one to shy away from hard work, in 2017 she Cofounded Tiny Stays with her brother Ben – a company that builds off-grid Tiny Houses’ & rents them out as short term accommodation in Victoria. Aimee leverages the power of her own story of failure & perseverance showing the value of following a non-traditional pathway in life.

▫️She believes that growth occurs personally and professionally when you are willing to step beyond your comfort zone. In 2017 she challenged herself by walking 600km solo from Melbourne to Canberra – highlighting her resourcefulness, resilience & the ability to create & share content that captivated many people.

▪️ @aimeekatestanton Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I love the work you are doing! I can’t wait to watch you kick more ass in the future – and hopefully never fall through another roof again 😬

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Aimee Stanton

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