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▪️Ellie is a 15 year old girl working with her dad to restore a 1965 Ford Falcon.

▫️Her goal is to make this car her daily driver, but it needs a lot of work to be ready in time for her to get her license. (She is eligible to test next summer!)

▪️Besides building a car, this project is helping her build self confidence, and empower her to do difficult things.

▫️Although she doesn’t know for sure what she wants to do when she is older, Ellie is considering engineering and writing. She imagines that she will always have a project car to work on though!

▪️So far on the Falcon, the hardest thing to fix was the toe board. It was completely rusted out and the duo couldn’t find the correct gauge metal to fabricate a new one, so they tried to make 16 gauge work. It was frustrating for both Ellie and her dad, they had to start over twice. That was one of the first projects that she had to weld, so there was added stress there as well.

▫️You can follow Ellie’s journey at

▪️ @elliesgarage Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me! I look forward to watching the progress on that car, and everything else coming your way in the future! AND Good luck on your driving test!

▫️Ellie’s story was recommended by @automotivesuffragette and here’s what she said: “Please feature another of my favorites, Ellie’s Garage. She is building her car from the ground up. Her Dad was amazing every step of the way ( shout out to Dad!) She’s so much fun to follow and see what she is up to. Dad is raising a strong, smart, independent woman. Ellie is a young lady who has already so much experience in automotive and imagine telling all your friends that you actually built the car you are driving! Wow! That rocks! Most of her classmates won’t know how to check their oil while Ellie has already built an engine! I just love her story! 💙💙💙💪💪”

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