Meet Julie!! (@julievanberkel)⬇️⬇️


▪️Julie is 23 years old, and just got into the carpentry field last year. She partook in an all women’s course called Women In the Skilled Trades (WIST)

▫️Julie has completed all aspects of the program, and is now working on getting the rest of her hours to be a certified journey person.

▪️She went to school for psychology, and ended up in sales, but found herself taking more of an interest in building things.

▫️Julie has 2 wonderful (and cute!) step-kids that keep her busy and on her toes!

▪️I had no idea what WIST was, so obviously I hounded her for more info! Here it is: ⬇️⬇️

▫️WIST is a one year program in Ontario, that accepts 25 women to introduce them into the carpentry trade. The program is ended with an 8 week placement, with an actual company. Once that is completed, you are a level 1 carpenter’s apprentice. The school sets you up with basic tools that you will need to help you get started. They make sure you’re sent to the company with a good set of base knowledge.

▪️ @julievanberkel Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! And providing some EXCELLENT info about the WIST program! I will be rooting for you, as you continue your journey to becoming certified!

⚜️Tell me about an inspiring woman!! 💕↙️↘️

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