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▪️Diana is 35 years old, and from Long Island. She unofficially got started when she worked with a medical equipment company 11 years ago. She began as a receptionist and eventually moved into Project Management.

▫️She and her team built enormous sterilizing machines for hospitals. Which tied directly into the structure and plumbing of the buildings. This sparked her interest in construction.

▪️When she left that company, Diana began with a MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Corporation that had taken a chance in her. They threw her directly into the field and she started with a heating conversion in the South Bronx. When she completed that project, she began an electrical project in Yonkers.

▫️Those two projects were game changers for Diana. Not only because she was the only female on the projects, but also because they were incredibly unsafe.

▪️When Diana started working in the South Bronx, she was a single mom pulling 12-14 hour days. Not only was she new to managing construction, but she also had to sacrifice valuable time with her daughter. During that time, she was fortunate to work with some of the most educated people she has ever met. She will carry their knowledge with her forever.

▫️However, the company she is with now has been remodelling the Grenville Baker Boys and Girls Club and she has enjoyed every minute of it.

▪️There were a few lines that Diana said that really had an impact on me. Diana says ”I’ve had to sacrifice a lot of time with my family to grow in this field and it wasn’t easy but it’s worth it because construction is such a great world it’s full of so many possibilities. It’s such a challenge and I love walking onto my site everyday and wondering what the day has for me because no day ever goes right”

▫️ “I find women in trades intimidating because I’m just a project manager lol I feel like I don’t do enough some days. But if you see me in action I’m in the trenches with my crews I’m knee deep in dirt, I’ll work on the roof with them in the rain”

▪️“It’s tough for any female in this world because most of us have families so after pulling these long days we still need to come home and run our house and make sure everyone is ok. I’m eternally grateful for my fiancé he does everything he can to lighten the load for me because there’s days where I just come home defeated. I’ve always been respected by the men because I’m ruthless lol I’ve been told that quite a few times. I command respect and if you don’t want to give it to me I replace you. But from time to time there’s moments where these guys get to you and you break”

▫️ @dee_almonte Thank you SO much for sharing your stories with me, I wish I could fit them all in here. I am honoured to tell some of your story 💕

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