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▪️KT has been in the restoration business for 8.5 years! She says being able to preserve historic buildings and ensure the history has a future is something that she is extremely proud of!

▫️Restoration is a skillful and artist trade, however positions are hard to come by unless you know somebody already in the trade, especially if you are a woman!

▪️Because of that, KT has joined the team at Restore Academy where they are training students in Restoration. She is hoping to encourage as many women as possible to join the course!

▫️As a working mother, construction is the perfect trade for KT. It not only allows her to have freedom but it also shows her children that women can thrive in a male dominated industry! Everyday in construction is different, there are new projects, views, clients and business connections.

▪️Construction has an extremely vast amount of opportunities for women to excel in, and a lot of women would like to join, however they are unsure of where to start.

▫️KT says “At Restore Academy we have partnered with Lewisham College encourage every woman who has an interest in construction to come along and join us for our open day (Jan 25th depending on lockdown) and ask us for advice and potential contacts that are looking to hire. We can also give you all the information on our course and should you wish to learn the skills to become a restorer we would be more than happy to train you. For further information regarding the course please just follow @restoreacademy or my page for updates.”

▪️ @miss_restoration_ Thank you so much for sharing all of that valuable information with me! I cannot wait to see how the open day goes, hopefully lots of women are able to attend!!

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