Meet Courtney and Hayden!! (@chardcourtney)⬇️⬇️

Courtney and Hayden

▪️Courtney Chard is a second generation U.A. Pipe welder with local 46 Toronto. She grew up around the trades and saw her father take great pride in his work. She didn’t know it was an option for her because the trades weren’t talked about in schools, especially for women.

▫️She finally grew enough courage to ask her father if she could learn how to weld. He was very supportive of it, and Courtney has been extremely happy with her path in life.

▪️ She of course had to overcome stereotypes and difficulties along the way, but she keeps in mind that she is making things better for the people behind her, including her 7 year old daughter Hayden.

▫️Courtney says “I welded while pregnant with her and was scared every day as I never known anyone who carried a child while working in the trade. I of course took precautions and she is healthy and happy.”

▪️Both Courtney and Hayden work as ambassadors for KickAss Careers and educate youth about the trades as a career option through mentorship. Courtney recently started using her trade to be creative and now makes art from metal. It has become quite a good business and a passion of hers.

▫️Courtney believes that being open about her experiences will help others on their journey!

▪️ @chardcourtney Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I am completely blown away by everything you and your beautiful daughter have accomplished! Be sure to check out Courtney’s amazing photographer @melissavisentinphotography

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Courtney Chard
Courtney and Hayden

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