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Andrea de Leon

▪️Andrea de Leon is a sculptor and fabricator (that’s an understatement, she is SO much more) based in Austin, Texas.

▫️Andrea began her career when she attended Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. From there she transferred to the University of Texas for their Studio Arts program, where she graduated with a degree in 2012. She continued to take welding and forging classes at Austin Community College. She won a scholarship to attend Ox-Bow School of Art for Glass Blowing. Then she went back to school in 2016 to attend Penland School of Crafts to learn Glass Casting.

▪️She has been hired to work for sculptors in Berlin, and Germany, she fabricated for Neptune Glassworks in Los Angeles, and did a Scientific Glassblowing apprenticeship in Chicago. Scientific Glassblowing is a rare and dying trade, it is especially rare for women to be involved in it.

▫️Andrea says “being in an environment that encouraged working in a range of mediums instead of focusing on four years of the same thing was pivotal in my ability to quickly grasp different techniques, which ultimately helped me find my way post-graduation. After receiving my degree I actively searched for jobs that would enhance my skill set” She is always looking for more ways to up her game, and never turns down an opportunity to learn something new!

Andrea de Leon

▪️Andrea convinced Thomas Rucker, a master bladesmith, to allow her to assist him with his custom knife production in 2014. She spent her time trying to figure how to make her own custom knives after that and is still creating her custom knives to this day.

▫️In 2015 she was apart of an artist-run exhibition called ICOSA Collective. Where a group of like-minded artists showcased their creations in order to bring awareness to the local creative community.

▪️The pandemic has forced her to stay put long enough to open her own studio where she is actively working on her own personal work and custom commissions. Although she is still currently teaching Metalsmithing at Creative Side, and she is a fabricator for the quartz industry.

▫️ @thedrestroyer Thank you so much for sharing your story with me!! I sincerely look forward to seeing where life takes you next!💕

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Andrea de Leon

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