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Isabel Delgado

▪️Isabel was born and raised in Northern Colorado, she is currently a welder by trade working in the nuclear development industry!

▫️She entered the trades early, by 16 she was working at an auto body shop. After high school, she attended trade school as an auto body paint apprentice. After she completed her welding and fabrication course for the collision program, she switched into the welding program.

▪️Isabel graduated when she was 19, she earned an associate degree in Welding and Fabrication Technology. Her goal was to build roll cages and custom auto body fabrication. Which she did do, for a little while.

▫️She has made sure to jump outside of her comfort zone, and try a bit of everything. She has done structural welding, and government contract work. Her career took a turn when she began receiving offers from the nuclear development industry.

▪️Although they did not offer her the welding position right off the bat, she practiced every spare minute for their weld test. Which was one of the hardest tests she had done. Eventually she was ready, took the weld test, she passed and was then promoted.

▫️Now, Isabel is back in school working towards a degree in the Engineering field. Her next goal is to work in an engineering firm on aviation or nuclear development projects. She continues to be an adrenaline junkie. She still enjoys fast cars and automotive fab, but nowadays she can also be found digging into a book, visiting a new city or lost in the woods.

▪️Isabel says “I share my story with people to help anyone that is merely curious or interested. I want to let women know that it is not the “fantasy” that instagram or these big tech name schools sell to them. You won’t graduate and suddenly have your dream job. It’ll take time to learn the ropes, that’s why you ask questions, you can only improve. Sexual harassment and harassment does happen, and it takes speaking up to stop it. For you and for the rest of us. It seems like an easy task until it happens. I don’t promote this “pin up” style on my pages. My nights end late and my mornings start at 4am, I gather myself and my books up and I’m out the door. Barefaced and shit, but ready to work. I hope this is handy for anyone, and I’m here to answer any questions anyone might have. My Instagram is @littlesleepercustoms and you can find me the same way on YouTube”

▫️ @littlesleepercustoms Thank you so much sharing your incredible journey!

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Isabel Delgado

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