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Louise Azzopardi

▪️Louise grew up on a farm, and was always helping her dad fix machinery. She found it fascinating, and decided to turn it into a career!

▫️Louise started her apprenticeship at the young age of 15, and completed it by age 19. After a few years of wrenching, she was looking for something more. She began training because she really enjoyed helping the younger mechanics and she knew it would be a good challenge!

▪️Louise is currently a trainer working for a caterpillar dealership in Australia. Her pathway to becoming a mechanic wasn’t all smooth sailing, but she uses her passion and self experiences to support other people through their journey.

▫️Louise was recently announced one of 2020s Top 100 Women by Women’s Executive Network (WXN)!

▪️ @louise_azzopardi_1996 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I know you will do many more amazing things, and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish in 2021!!

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Louise Azzopardi

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