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Nikki Noble

▪️Nikki Noble is the Head of Welding at a college in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

▫️Backing up to almost twenty years ago, welding found her. Offered to work on a frame off restoration as a side project, she became intrigued! She was told she was a born natural. She asked questions and worked hard to gain as much knowledge and practice as she could.

▪️Coming from a traditional home, she was pushed away from working as a female in the trade, she went to college for business as a back up. Bored after a short time, she completed her diploma but also continued working in fabrication at the same time, using her education to better the owner of the business she worked at.

▫️Over the years, Nikki has mainly worked within 100km of her home but has travelled for some jobs.Nikki has spent most of her welding career in Welding and fabrication with a mass amount of In-house, CWB, and TSSA certification.

▪️Six years ago she bought her dream farm close to her childhood neighbourhood and lives her life! Nikki has a non-stop lifestyle!
Raising a 4-1/2 year old daughter, running over 25 different welding courses in the college along with teaching some for post-secondary, dual credit, and apprenticeship. Raising a small production farm with beef cattle, laying/meat chickens, rabbit, quail, pigs, turkey, ducks, and finishing that off with running a business in her farm and art.

▫️Nikki creates hand made art with scrap metal, plasma cut steel, wood, stained glass, beach glass, driftwood, feathers, and so so much more. Follow her on IG @Nikki_Welds as she takes your through the educational side of welding!

▪️She always encourages anyone with the interest in welding or the trades to contact her for a chat! Nikki is a mentor to many groups and has spoken at several events including women in the trades, young female welders, inspiring women, and any event requested.

▫️ @nikki_welds Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey with me! I am so honoured to tell your fantastic story! I look forward to seeing what you do next! 💕

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Nikki Noble

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