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▪️Marisa is from California, currently living in Knoxville, TN where she runs her metal fabrication business!

▫️Marisa was always around the trades growing up, her dad is a contractor in construction. She was more interested in the artistic side of things, which drove her to attend The University of Tennessee for Sculpting, which is where she first learned how to weld.

▪️After college, she worked as an independent contractor for several companies, doing many different things. Including : Concrete Countertops, Glassblowing, Carpentry and all kinds of fabrication work. Two years after she graduated, Marisa decided to start her own business.

▫️This was a big step for her, especially because she is a female in the trade. She was lucky to have worked with tons of people, she had established a good reputation and many contacts for future jobs as a business owner. She began with small repairs and custom furniture, eventually moving up to larger scale work creating commercial/residential railings.

▪️Being a female in the trade brings it’s own challenges, completely separate from the actual work. Marisa finds herself in situations where she isn’t being taken seriously, or being put down purely because she is a woman.

▫️Marisa says “You just have to really stand your ground and keep your confidence and let your work speak for itself. You are always going to get criticized for something so never take it to serioulsy or let it being you down. The construction world is very tough for everyone including males, so you just have to stay strong and firm on why you’re there in the first place and let the nonsense go. It’s so important to keep pursuing your goals/dreams no matter how tough it gets some times, you will prove yourself to be tougher.”

▪️ @killer_mars Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story, and those excellent pieces of advice! I can’t wait to see what amazing work you do next!! 💕

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