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Melissa Phelan

▪️Melissa Phelan is from Kingston Ontario, and has been welding for about 12 years now. She first got into welding when she bought a Honda Civic and it ended up needing a new floor. She was a completely self taught welder until she went back to school at age 25 and became certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

▫️Melissa made the Dean’s List twice while in school, and was even offered a Professor position to teach new students. She turned it down in order to gain more experience and knowledge, she didn’t believe she was at a Professors level at the time.

▪️Since then, she has worked for many different companies in several different positions. She has worked as an auto body technician, at a dairy production plant welding steel piping, she made forklift attachments, and welded aluminum boats for the Coast Guard. She is also a Robotic Programmer and Robotic Technician, she worked with ABB Robotics and Fronius, she was the robotics weld supervisor, which she really enjoyed.

▫️Melissa says “As a women in the trades, you have to know your shit! Women face more scrutiny, so it’s really important to be informed, learn as much as you can and have confidence!”

▪️Melissa is an advocate for women in the trades, and strives to bring more awareness and encouragement to women pursuing the trades. She wants to break down the stigma and terminology that surrounds women in the trades.

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Melissa Phelan

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