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▪️Miriam is a Red Seal Journeyman Sheetmetal Worker from Calgary, Alberta. She is currently working on The Calgary Cancer Centre.

▫️She was working at a desk at a renovation company, doing design work and organizing files. She was stressed out and barely making ends meet as a single mom of two. She completed a Women in Trades Program and decided that she liked the idea of welding.

▪️When she got hired at a shop, she did both welding and Sheetmetal. It made her realize that she was more interested in Sheetmetal work, and she signed up for an apprenticeship. When Miriam began her apprenticeship, she was getting paid about the same as her desk job. But she ended up doubling her yearly income when she was finished!

▫️Miriam says “Although I’ve had a couple of ups and downs in the industry, it’s definitely a changing environment for the better. I really love the work I get to do everyday, and I’m glad I stuck it out. I finally think there are the proper support systems in place, more all the time, to help women have healthy & successful careers.”

▪️She saw a need for support in her local area, so she started a FB group called “Alberta Women In Trades” @albertawomenintrades . It’s a private group for local women to network, share information, talk about their unique problems and experiences, and to talk, laugh and mentor each other. Miriam encourages women to join a local group in their area, and if there isn’t one, create one.

▫️ @canadiantradielady Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I look forward to seeing all the good you do for women in the trades!

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