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▪️Athen is 28 years old and originally from Alabama, but currently residing in Georgia!

▫️She started welding in high school, as an excuse to get out of taking Spanish. She had a full volleyball scholarship to college, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her life.

▪️In college, she took basic classes for two years, thinking that she would go into sports medicine. She realized that it was not for her, and was seriously contemplating quitting school. The welding instructor remembered her from high school, and encouraged her to take the welding program. She enrolled in the program, without ever telling her parents! They eventually found out and are now quite proud of her. However at the time, Athena believes they were worried.

▫️After her first semester, Athena got her first welding job pulse welding on furniture. A year after doing both school and working, she decided to take a break from schooling and move on to become a production welder at a rail car factory. She moved through the company very quickly and they offered to pay for her to go back to school, so that’s what she did. The company sent Athena to get her CWI, CWE, and CWS which she passed on her first try.

▪️She moved out to North Carolina and worked for another rail car factory before moving out to Georgia to work in construction. Finally, she was recruited at Miller Electric for her dream job, she travels and makes her own schedule while training others on welding technology, troubleshooting and engineering their machines. She absolutely loves it.

▫️Athena says “Crazy to see how fast my career took off when I started taking it seriously. What I do is my passion. I’m so thankful it found me when I least expected it.”

▪️ @insta_thena Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I sincerely enjoyed reading about your journey and I can’t wait to see what else you accomplish 💕

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