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▪️Kensie is 21 years old, from Arizona and she builds custom luxury camper vans!

▫️When she was 19, she purchased her first van (an empty cargo sprinter van) and turned it into a functional, off-grid camper van, which she called home for two years!

▪️Prior to purchasing the van, she was a pre-med student at ASU on a full ride scholarship. She ditched all of that in the summer of 2018, to pursue life on the road.

▫️The first year on the road, Kensie worked a lot of odd jobs. She kept searching for a job that was a good fit and would allow her to work remotely. She didn’t have much luck. Her entrepreneurial mentality didn’t leave her wanting to work for someone at else anyways. Kensie has really loved the process of building the van, and her hand was itching to build another one.

▪️She built her first client can in the winter of 2019, before taking a few months off to travel Baja, MX in the van. She needed to recuperate and figure what her next steps would be. After months of working out details, she finally launched her business and now works directly with clients to custom build their vans.

▫️They always start as a blank canvas, and Kensie builds everything from the ground upwards. Including : carpentry, off-grid electrical systems, plumbing and tons of custom features and designs. Each van takes 3 months to complete on her own. She is currently building her fourth and fifth vans out of her shop in San Diego.

▪️Although she is a still a one woman show, she is looking to move her company to Bend OR she is looking to hire an all-woman team to work alongside her. As the company continues to grow, she intends to keep her mission women focused, in order to encourage more women to pick up some tools and become self sufficient. She encourages women to fearlessly hit the road and experience all of the amazing things that van-life has to offer!

▫️ @justkensie WOW that is so amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me, and for empowering women to enter the trades! I cannot wait to watch your journey as your business grows and you continue to explore the world! 🥰

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