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▪️Jessica is 29 years old and she is a diesel mechanic!! A friend from kindergarten got her started with dirt bikes and working on old Chevy trucks. That spiked her interest to turn it into a career!

▫️Nobody is Jessica’s family was into working on vehicles, so she is the first! She went to Wyotech in Laramie for auto mechanics in 2011. She also got 2 year associates in business management from it! She graduated in a year with a 4.0 grade average!

▪️She moved to Texas where a dealership manager told her they would never hire a woman! (I’ll bet he is kicking himself in the ass right now) She went on to work for the best Chevy/Dodge/Jeep/Chrysler dealership, that out her through some Chevy engine building classes.

▫️ She then moved to the Pacific Northwest because her family is up there. She began working for Midas as a technician until a construction company recruited her as a diesel mechanic!

▪️She has worked with that company for 4 years now, she manages a fleet of 63 trucks which are mostly diesel.

▫️When Jessica is not at work, she enjoys racing her dirt bike, hunting, fishing, riding her horse, building guns and shooting. She aims to own her own shop one day!

▪️ @jessica_mx_16 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me!! I hope to see you own your own shop one day, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!!

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