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Eliza Leon

▪️Eliza Leon is a builder, fabricator, mechanic and auto damage appraiser!! She grew up in San Elizario, TX.

▫️When Eliza was 6 or 7, her mom took her to see Monster Trucks and she fell in love with Grave Digger and Medusa (both female driven). This sparked her interest in wanting to know how motor vehicles work and more importantly, how to build them. So she registered for trades school in high school!

▪️She graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Communications. After working a few years in her discipline, she missed the automotive trade and made the jump back over.

▫️Since then, Eliza has achieved : I-car Platinum status, I-car welding courses, I-car Structural certifications, I-car Auto damage appraiser certification. I-Car Suspension certification, I-Car Ford f150 Aluminum repair. Lincoln Electric Advanced motorsports welding seminar and training for Chromoly, Titanium and Inconel.

▪️She has also held many positions in the automotive field such as : an apprentice, Technician, Auto Body Repair helper / Technician, Shop service writer, Shop Forman, Auto body damage appraiser, Auto damage adjuster, Off-road vehicle builder, fabricator and technical producer for Xtreme Off-Road on the Power Nation Block (aired on the hstry chanel , cbs, nbc, amazon, and hulu).

▫️Eliza hopes to continue her work in the automotive performance realm in the future!

▪️ @eliza_loves_trucks_ WOW You are truly amazing, thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I look forward to seeing what is next for you!

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Eliza Leon

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