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Stephanie Lynn

▪️Stephanie Lynn is 27 years old and from the corn fields of East Pennsylvania.

▫️When she was growing up, she was always around machinery and her brother and father were always working on something in the garage. They later taught her how to stick weld on the garage floor.

▪️Stephanie worked at an office job for a couple years, but it just wasn’t fulfilling her potential and she wasn’t entirely happy. She decided to leave and become an inspector at an engineering firm. She enjoyed the job, and the environment but she was still left feeling bored and she craved a more hands-on job.

▫️She started working as a traveling welder helper for 6 months and then managed to land a job as a traveling tig welder! After a lot of practice, traveling and saving, she started working as a subcontractor ; working for herself!

▪️Stephanie has been blessed to get the opportunity to work with a company that treats her well and she continues to learn from everyday. Her grandfather always said “If you aren’t learning, what are you doing?” That has stuck with her through the years, and really helped push her to where she is now.

▫️Stephanie says “You really can do anything you put your mind to especially with the support of all the beautiful welders out here making it happen everyday and my besties back home ! Lets keep kickin’ butt ladies!! 🧑🏼‍🏭💪💋”

▪️ @gypsy_welder93 Thank you so much for allowing me to share your awesome story!! I love the women empowerment, keep it up girl!! 🥰💕

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Stephanie Lynn

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