Meet Lindsay!! (@lindsay_wheelock)⬇️⬇️


▪️Lindsay started her first year of drag racing in 2020. Having never been in a racecar before, it was all new and scary to her!

▫️She is so glad she took the leap though! She is welcoming 2021 as a brand new novice to the drag racing scene, with three young kids and a job outside of racing. It is going to be difficult to juggle, but she is excited to tackle it with her family in tow!

▪️Lindsay wants to make her family proud, score a couple of big wins for the kids, but most of all.. She wants to beat her husband ; at least once!

▫️ Lindsay says “For women coming into this industry I’d say, our time is now! It’s booming with opportunity for us and we ought to take advantage of that. I’ve had so many people along the way questioning why I’d want to risk my life with young kids, etc. Any excuse or reason you can think of, I have probably already heard it. It can be challenging to not let those thoughts creep in as excuses as to why you should stay away from something you truly enjoy. But keep your focus on what makes you and the circle around you, strong. Don’t give up doing what you love just because you doubt the possibilities of what could be. If you never go out there and try, how will you ever know?”

▪️ @lindsay_wheelock Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me, and for sharing those inspiring words of wisdom! I’m SO excited to see what you accomplish this year, and I’m 100% rooting for you to beat your husband! 😂

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