Meet Lindsey!! (@babethebuilder)⬇️⬇️


▪️Lindsey recently started her own company, Babe The Builder!! Her boyfriend created the name as a way to joke around, but it ended up sticking. She finds the name cute, playful and empowering! 💕

▫️She received her bachelors in Construction Management from Ferris State University and Associates in Civil Engineering in 2013. She has worked on some cool projects since graduation on the commercial side of things with a few different companies, but she finally broke out on her own last year!

▪️Lindsey started out originally wanting to build bridges. Although she was on construction sites, her job duties as a Project Engineer and Assistant Project Manager tied her to the computer in the office. Even though she gained a lot of knowledge and experience on some high-end projects, she was struggling with daily migraines because of so much screen time.

▫️She quit her job without a back up plan in 2018 and took the Michigan Residential Builders course. Lindsey spent this past summer staying busy with painting and landscaping jobs, while she waits for the testing centres to open back up, so that she can get her license.

▪️Her goal with residential buildings is to encourage self sufficient homes! She is all about the tiny house movement, earth ships, renewable energy, preserving the environment, and reducing waste, but to incorporate new technology and building methods is the problem solving that makes construction so intriguing to her!

▫️Lindsey’s favourite part about working for herself is the uniforms. Her sister in law, Jill, ( @sunshinedyedreams ) started a tie dye business and has been BBC making custom shirts for her! She loves getting dressed for work!

▪️ @babethebuilder Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I wish you the best of luck as you continue on this amazing journey as a business owner!

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