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▪️Charlotte was working as a veterinarian technician when she realized that it wasn’t going to pay as well as she would have liked, even though she absolutely loved that job!

▫️In 2015, her dad mentioned that she should try welding, so she contacted the local welding school @canadianweldingskills to see if she could go in and try it out.  As soon as she saw an arc, she was in love.

▪️Now in 2021, Charlotte is one of the instructors at @canadianweldingskills and everyday is a gift for her! But it wasn’t an easy road getting there.

▫️Her first job was pretty laborious and dirty. Little did she know, that she was being watched by the neighbouring company! Her work ethic landed her a pretty sweet tig welding position that eventually led to Charlotte running the welding department and welding strut bodies for the ZL1 LTD Edition Camaro. She was able to learn the welding trade, while in the machining world.

▪️ But she wanted more! So she got involved with sheet metal local 30, and joined as an apprentice. She was used as a welder on some mind blowing jobs! She wouldn’t change a thing, every struggle over the last 5 years has brought her to the place she plans to stay for a while : Teaching!

▫️ Charlotte says “Everyone has a lesson to teach. Take those lessons and retain them. One day you never know when you might have the honor of teaching them to others.”

▪️Charlotte was recommended to me by @sarah.r.ptbo and this is what she said : “ I think you should feature my friend, former welding instructor and mentor @lottienottie . She’s an amazing welder and kick ass chick!!” Thank you both so much! I love the women empowerment going on 🥰

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