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▪️Jamie is a fourth year electrical apprentice with Local Union #5 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! She has a year an a half left until she becomes a journeyman!

▫️Jamie’s father is an Electrical Engineer, so she has had exposure to electrical systems from a young age. She always thought her dad’s career was interesting, but didn’t have the means to pursue a Bachelors degree.

▪️She went camping with a friend, their dad and all of his work friends. They were all electricians and one of them happened to be a woman!

▫️During that time, Jamie was taking general courses at community college, trying to figure out her career path. On that camping trip they were all talking about what they did for a living. The woman was sharing about the union and how if she could be an electrician, anyone else could be too! The union was the perfect solution for Jamie, as the education is paid for by the members.

▪️She mulled it over for about a year, and then geared her community college courses toward the union program. She applied, took the test and got an interview! The rest is history!

▫️Jamie says “I was inspired by another female electrician to get into the trades, so I’m trying to do the same for others!”

▪️ @steelcitysparkette Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! Your story is so relatable to many young women and I am thankful you allowed me to share your story!

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