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Laura Byrnes

▪️Laura Byrnes is a team driver for Red Shamrock Racing in dirt track Late Models.

▫️Her interest in cars and motorbikes started with her dad – he was always in the shed tinkering away but never competed. When she was around 10 years old, she went to their local speedway and saw kids her age racing cars and decided that was what she wanted to do!

▪️It took a year to convince her dad That she would stick with the sport and here she is now, 15 years later still competing in Motorsport as a first gen racer.

▫️Laura and her dad do all the maintenance on the cars themselves and her dad has taught her everything she knows. As Laura has gotten older she realizes how much she treasures the shed time with her dad working on race cars.

▪️Although she is not a formally qualified mechanic (as they don’t need to be), the knowledge she does have from her own race car is crucial to her success in driving – when she comes off the track she is easily able to communicate to the crew how the car has handled and adjustments she recommends.

▫️ @laurabyrnesmotorsport Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me!! I look forward to seeing everything you accomplish in the coming years!!

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Laura Byrnes

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