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Layla Brady

▪️Layla Brady is from Stratford, Ontario and she has been in the trades for 21 years!

▫️Layla became started in the trades initially by painting her ugly apartment. Her ex-mother in law owned some rental properties, and her business partner taught Layla how to drywall and tile. She became hooked and wanted to learn more!

▪️She started out as a drywallwr and taper, a tiler and now a painter! As her career in the trades evolved, so did her skills. She was taught how to frame, install hardwood floors and also basic carpentry!

▫️She was co-owner of a small renovations company for many years until her passion for painting became her new focus. It led to her own business, Layla Brady Painting!

▪️She has always loved the impact that new paint can have on a space, whether it be big, small or industrial. The entire atmosphere and feel of a room can be transformed simply by changing the paint colours.

▫️While her primary focus is painting, all of her experiences through the years has allowed her to be apart of some amazing projects.

▪️Layla says “I truly love what I do, and enjoy being part of making my clients visions for change a reality.”

▫️ @layla_painting Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I look forward to seeing all of the transformations that you accomplish in the future!!

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Layla Brady

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