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Caitlyn White

▪️Caitlyn White, known as The Pump Lady, started her own concrete pump company at the end of 2019. She has been in the concrete industry for 12 years, and has been an operator for 7 years!

▫️Before she was an operator, she was labourer, and then a concrete finisher. She always made it a point to out work her coworkers, and as a result she was offered a job as a concrete pump operator. It quickly became the the career that she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

▪️She dreamed of starting her own business, and after losing her job in 2019 she decided to chase that dream. Caitlyn worked day and night, 7 days a week, on her business plan, presentations and networking. She presented her business plan to banks and investors, but was turned down many times. She learned something new from each “no”.

▫️She ended up partnering with an investor who saw potential in her business plan and more importantly saw potential in her. The Pump Lady LLC was created! Caitlyn likes to network as much as possible with other women in the trades. She encourages young adults to take up a trade as another career option that pays well, with benefits, without the debt from student loans.

▪️Caitlyn says “My advice to anyone considering a trades career is to not be afraid to be bad at something new. Ask questions, and work hard. There’s many hurdles to face as a woman in a male dominated industry, but there’s so many women going through the exact same motions, reach out, connect and know you’re not alone. Don’t ever give up, everyone loves an underdog story. ❤️”

▫️ @the.pump.lady Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I look forward to seeing you continue to kick ass!! 🥰

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Caitlyn White

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