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▪️Jinnah is the oldest of 7 kids (5 of those being boys). She grew up in a houseful of guys so being the only female, in a male dominated workplace, was never an issue for her. Her parents opened a gas station in the 60’s, which began her career in automotive!

▫️She had loved driving the tow truck from the very first moment she got into the drivers seat. She attended Ohio Diesel Technical Institute in the late 70’s (she was the only female student in the entire school). She later attended Mesalands College in New Mexico in 2005 for Diesel Technology.

▪️Her favourite job was driving for Three Coast Carriers, they delivered explosives for the federal government. She worked there before and during the Gulf War, hauling class A explosives that were heading over seas. She says it was an awesome job!


▫️In the tow truck industry, you never know what your next call is going to be. It could be a flat tire, a jump start or a fatal accident. In Southern Florida, Jinnah would dive into canals, 30 feet deep, to chain up and recover vehicles. The canals ran alongside the roads, so many vehicles would accidentally go in. Now, they only use police divers, but in the 80’s and 90’s the tow truck drivers had the option to dive themselves or hire a certified diver. The canals housed alligators and water moccasins.

▪️Jinnah was never worried about being the only female at work because she wasn’t intimidated by them. She knew she as good, or better at doing her job. They used to have tow truck rodeos, and Jinnah knew she could out drive any of the men, and they knew it too. They treated her with the respect that she demanded and earned.

▫️Jinnah turned 65 in May, so she has retired for now. But now she is ready to see what is next! Jinnah always solely owned her two businesses, Jinnah’s Towing and Recovery, and The Tow Girl. She never had a partner in business and she always ran the tow trucks, not matter what the call was.


▪️One day when her sister was riding shot gun in the tow truck, Jinnah had to drop off a truck at a dealership that she had never been too before. The guy asked if Jinnah could fit the truck in a tight space. She replied “if it will physically fit, I will put it there”. Every guy came out of the service department to watch her do it. She backed it right in, no problem. Their attitudes towards her changed immediately.

▫️Jinnah has a million stories from over the years, she has had many fabulous experiences, she has lived a life that she has loved, and it isn’t over! Not everyday was easy, and not everyone was nice to her, but she was laser focused on what direction she wanted her life to go. It never bothered her and she just kept moving forward. She is grateful that other people’s opinions never mattered to her.

▪️I have been saving Jinnah’s story to be my 100th post. She is the most loving and supportive person I have ever met in my entire life, I am truly honoured to know her and share her story with you guys! @automotive THANK YOU so so much for everything you have done to pave the way for women in the trades, whether you intended to or not! You are my greatest inspiration 💕

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