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Bella Morgan

▪️Bella Morgan is 12 years old and an AMO Amateur Motocross Ontario Girls 9-16 Champion.

▫️Bella is lined up to be a welder for the UA Local 46 Union, and she plans on racing Professional Women’s Motocross in 3 years!

▪️She has been trail and pit riding with her dad when she was 2 years old on a CRF 50. In 2021 she will be racing her 85cc Kawasaki in 12-16.

▫️Bella was accepted to Steve Shore’s Compound 138’s Elite Riders Program for the 2021 season! She plans to train hard in order to repeat the success she achieved in the 2020 season.

▪️Bella trains hard and does her best at every opportunity she is given. She passes down her knowledge and experiences to younger riders to help them become successful as well!

▫️She loves motocross for the never ending journeys and all of the incredible people she has been lucky enough to meet and call friends!

▪️ @bellamonsta92mx Thank you so much for sharing your journey with me! I cannot wait to see what you accomplish moving forward! I will be rooting for you this 2021 season!!

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Bella Morgan

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