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▪️Kelly is a mom of 2 beautiful children, a little girl 2 years old, and a little boy 5 years old.

▫️When she was 24 years old, she didn’t know what she wanted to do for work. Someone thought that she may like to weld and she was sold on the idea immediately! She began a one year welding course and fell in love with welding on the first day. She knew this was her thing, and she practiced and practiced until she was happy with her work. She received certifications for stick welding, semi-automatic and tig pipe welding.

▪️Kelly began working at a construction company, but her coworkers had a problem with a girl in their shop ( 🤨 ) She was the first woman to work there. She was smart enough to get out of there and started to work as a pipe welder. She had a lot of companies ask her to do the difficult and dirty work. After 6 years, she was becoming discouraged, it wasn’t easy always doing the difficult and dirty jobs without women toilets and always working with different people.

▫️She wanted a place where she could stay and grow within the company. She went for her diploma as a welding inspector, but she really hated that job as she couldn’t weld anymore! She was miserable and missed welding. Finally she received a call about a welding instructor position. She did the theoretical, practical and psychological exams together with 12 other men and she got the position! She has been a welding instructor for over 7 years now, and she wouldn’t change it for anything!

▪️She gets to weld everyday,and help students to ensure they achieve the jobs that they want. Kelly says “My collegues always wanted to test me, but I didn’t mind, because when they saw my welds they did not test me again 😅 So girls, let them see how good we can weld and they will no longer test you 😉 Believe in yourselves and make yourself and us proud! 👊”

▫️ @belgian_welder_girl Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I wish you the best of luck in the future! Keep kicking ass lady!!

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