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▪️Hannah has a BA in Anthropology and she attended a bit of grad school, all the while knowing it was not for her. She eventually dropped out of grad school and without much a back up plan, and decided to follow her passion to began working in various bakeries and cafes.

▫️Although she loved what she did, she was working herself to death and living paycheque to paycheque. She was offered the opportunity to join the labour union and work on a pipeline. She thought she was crazy for humouring the idea, she had no idea what the work entailed, all she knew was that she needed money.

▪️She quit the bakery that very day and spoke to a recruiter, who told her to show up the next day with steel toes and a hard hat. She found herself working 7 days a week for the next year straight. It was an amazing experience, and she loved it, but she didn’t want to travel forever. She returned home to Western PA and went to the labour hall. She explained that she had only ever pipelined but she was tough as nail and can work any job. Her one request was that she did not want to flag.

▫️After being treated horribly, they informed her that she would ONLY be given a flagger job because she was a female and didn’t have any real experience. She decided to put her time in and through one of the guys there, she met a foreman from a large local contractor and she told him that she wanted to be his apprentice!

▪️Hannah showed up on her first day, anxiety higher than the grocery bill and extremely nervous. The truck pulled up and she didn’t even know what tools she needed or how to use them, but she hopped in and gave it her all. A year later, they have bumped her up to a 3rd year apprentice, instead of a 2nd year. Being a finisher is physically the hardest job she has ever worked in her entire life, and she has almost quit a thousand times. But she knows that if she gives up, she won’t be hurting anyone but herself. She is determined to succeed and prove to everyone that women are capable!

▫️ @_hannah_rose_b Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!!

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