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Holly Klingelhoefer

▪️Holly Klingelhoefer is 26 years old and a commercial Journeyman electrician.

▫️She has been in the trade for 7 years. Before she decided to be an electrician, She was worked for the family business Klingelhoefer Well Drilling.

▪️Holly learned how to operate backhoes, drive semi, weld, pull pumps and many other things. Although she loved every aspect of water well drilling, she knew that she needed to forge her own path.

▫️At 20 she left for trade school and started her apprenticeship. She loves everything about construction.

▪️Holly says “I learn something new everyday and I’m able to stay active. If I could, I would encourage everyone to learn a trade.”

▫️ @happy_lil_electrician Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I wish you the best in your career and can’t wait to see what you do next! 🥰

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Holly Klingelhoefer

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