Meet Laurie!!⬇️⬇️


▪️Laurie is a retired Network Technician!! She began her career as an intercept operator in 1978.

▫️Laurie’s parents are professional people. Her dad worked for school administration, and her mom was a registered nurse. Their expectations for their children were to attend college and follow their path. After 1 year of college, Laurie decided to move away from home and quit frustrating her parents and wasting their money.


▪️In 1978, she met a retired operator from Pacific Northwest Bell. She said ‘If you’re looking for a way to gain independence from your folks, try the phone company. You don’t need a degree. It’ll provide a union wage, benefits. If you want, there’s lots of jobs you can transfer to with training on the job and reimbursement for classes if it is job specific. So Laurie told her folks that she had a new plan, she was moving to the big city (Portland Oregon) to become an operator!

▫️So she began her career in 1978 as an intercept operator! When you called a disconnected/changed number, you got a person who gave you the information instead of a recording. Laurie was promoted to the long distance cord board, when you couldn’t call overseas. During the Jim Jones (Kool-Aid) mass murder, she placed calls for frantic and grieving family members. When Mt. St. Helens blew, she took a call from an operator in New York who asked, “Are you still alive?” Laurie quipped back “Ya, but I’m the only one”

▪️Over the next 19 years, she did a lot of ‘inside’ jobs. Repair calls, Bill collection, service orders and finally complaint and sensitive executive problems. She hated it! Finally, and old boss came looking for her, the former boss as taken over an installation and maintenance crew. They were pushing to recruit women and minorities. All Laurie needed was to complete a 6 week AC/DC course. All of her prior experience and work record went into the mix, as well as the 19 yeas seniority, it gave her a top list placing.


▫️She went to work outside in 1997 and retired on May 29 2009 as a Network Technician. It was the best 12 years of her life. Laurie began her career making $28 a day, and ended her career making $28 an hour.

▪️ Laurie’s story was brought to my attention by her loving son Steve @orgeonthreadit He is so incredibly proud of everything his mother has accomplished, he looks up to her for many things in life! He says she is the reason he works so hard, and is so confident. If she can do it, so can he!

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Laurie and Steve

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