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▪️Destany is 26 years old and she is a heavy machine operator.

▫️Her story began with motocross. She decided 5 years ago that it looked dangerous and fun, so of course she said “let’s do it!” She bought her first bike in 2016 and convinced her best friend to buy one as well. The pair spent the entire summer riding every single weekend.

▪️The following year, they decided to give racing a try. Destany thought “how cool would it be to build a track” from that point on, she began looking into what it would take to become an operator. She found the WA apprenticeship program, it took a year to get through the interview process. Eventually she was one of the lucky ones and was accepted to be apart of the Operating Engineers Apprenticeship.

▫️Destany walked in with zero prior experience. She didn’t even know how to operate a sitting lawnmower in the beginning. Now she is running some of the biggest machines that her company has. She is 1000 hours away from journeying out, and she says this is the best decision that she has ever made.

▪️ @destanybishop Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I look forward to seeing everything that you accomplish on the future!


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