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▪️Brandi has been in the trade for 3 years now. Her parents owned a motorcycle shop when she was younger and her dad is a mechanic by trade. She has always liked old, cool and loud things. She sold her quads to buy her first car, a complete shitbox of a Camaro, but she absolutely loved it!

▫️When it came time for college, she turned down a number of academic and wrestling scholarships to attend a trade school (Wyotech which no longer exists) She took a hot rod course, collision/refinishing, and even an upholstery course!

▪️Brandi loves working with her hands, and bringing cars back to life. She is currently working on a one of a kind 35 cord for the museum, they are 18 months in and still chugging along. She always takes bits of advice from anyone who genuinely offers it. She believes being well rounded in any industry is an advantage, and you can’t learn it all yourself.

▫️Although she does mostly body work, she can weld and fabricate a bit, and obviously prep and paint. It’s all necessary for restoration and being well rounded. She does small mechanical work too, but she really wants to learn more. She just bought an ‘86 Camaro for herself and she is extremely excited to get her hands dirty!

▪️ @brandileigh_bb Thank you so much for sharing your awesome journey with me! I can’t wait to see how the Camaro comes along, and I wish you all the best!!

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