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Skylar Crossley

▪️Skylar Crossley started welding a few years ago. She was at her lowest point and began helping her uncle out at the ranch. On a whim, he asked if she wanted to help him weld a gate, and she became addicted within the first few arcs.

▫️When Skylar became a single mom, she had no idea how she was going to support herself and her son. Welding came to her at the perfect time.

▪️She took a big risk by attending trade school instead of accepting a job, but the doors that it has opened for her already, prove that she made the right decision! She has many projects lined up at the ranch, but she is also excited to put her artistic skills to use with some metal art!

▫️ @skylarjean Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! It is such an honour to share your journey. And I am absolutely obsessed with all of the pictures you post, I’ve never wanted to live on a ranch so badly on my entire life 😂

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Skylar Crossley

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