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Chelsea Dodge

▪️Chelsea Dodge grew up loving cars, but was never interested in working on them until her brother bought his cars, and did some pretty awesome builds! Once she was able to drive she wanted to do all kinds of things to her car, even though it was a dinky 1999 Saturn. When that car ended up getting totalled, she picked up a 1998 Ford Explorer 4.0. She loved that car, and was able to modify and learn from it!

▫️When she graduated high school, she had no idea what she wanted to do, so she took two years off to figure it out. On a road trip home from Vegas, she realized that she wanted to go to school for automotive service technology and work on cars for a living!

▪️Chelsea began full time night courses at Aims Community College, while also working full time at a dealership working in the parts department, doing oil changes and detailing cars. From the dealership, she moved to a franchise shop that wasn’t the best, she was let go due to lack of business. She stated questioning her choice to go into this industry. It rooted from some pretty dark experiences at the dealership, and sexual harassment at the franchised shop. She went back to marketing for a year, which confirmed that she wanted to stay in automotive.

▫️When she returned to the automotive field, Chelsea was working at a Ford dealership. She moved from quick lane, to apprentice, to mainline technician all within 6 months. She stayed there for over a year, then COVID hit and she had to take a temporary layoff. While laid off, she realized that she wasn’t actually happy at the dealership, and began hunting for a smaller shop to work at.

▪️Now, Chelsea works at an amazing family owned shop, that allows her to shine and find her potential. She was working there as a technician for the first 6 months, but recently promoted to Assistant Service Manager. She is also currently working towards her real estate license to sell houses on the side. Her end goal is to own her own shop one day!

▫️ @miss_chelsea_dodge Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I wish you the best of luck on your real estate license!! 💕

Chelsea Dodge

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