Meet Bronwyn!! (⬇️⬇️


▪️Bronwyn grew up in a small town in Ontario and is currently working in the GTA!

▫️She completed college online for Business HR and Bookkeeping, she has been working in an office for the last few years. Although she was good at her job, she found it to be unfulfilling, not challenging enough and she wanted out of the office/desk job completely.

▪️Bronwyn always thought welding looked fascinating but had never considered it for herself, she didn’t believe she would be good at working with her hands. She decided to start taking night school courses, and absolutely fell in love with it. When she strikes an arc, the world melts away and all that matters in the weld in front of her.

▫️She got better each week and couldn’t get enough. Her second night school course was shut down because of COVID, but she got some shoot me during the summer and began level one basic trade school in October. She got straight A’s and learned so much in the 10 week course. Now that she is a registered apprentice, she is looking for her first job and hoping to get better as she progresses through the apprenticeship.

▪️Bronwyn has received a lot of support and advice from instructors and other welders. She is grateful there is more opportunities for women in the trades these days. She just wants to work hard and earn her way like everyone else!


▫️ Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! I look forward to seeing you grow and learn, as you go through your apprenticeship!

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