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▪️ Tori began in 9th grade when she was asked if she would be interested in the trade classes they offered. She ended up taking a welding class. It felt completely natural to her and she fell in love with it. She decided that she wanted to pursue it as a career but the intimidation and lack of self esteem regarding the trade kept her from going for it.

▫️Over the next 15 years she piddled with welding here and there. Until a buddy called her and ask if she still wanted to be a welder. At the time, her 6 year phlebotomy career was wearing on her and the company she was working for was closing its doors. So she decided to check it out.

▪️Her anxiety, fear and nervousness just from interviewing, were extremely high. Tori tested against two other guys for one spot. She had only picked up a MIG gun one other time as she had always done stick. The two guys busted, and she nailed the test and got the job!

▫️She stayed with that company for over a year, but then an opportunity came along to jump on the pipeline, which was her dream job at the time. So she moved 1500 miles to North Dakota, chasing green pipe. She made it through the job and decided it wasn’t what she thought and returned home.

▪️Tori moved through a couple jobs then was laid off for the pandemic. Automotive has always been a huge part of her life so when she heard that Borla Performance Industries was hiring, she tested and got the job! She is currently still there and loving every second of it!

▫️ @thejessicombsfoundation was always an inspiration to her, and she is leaning towards doing her own thing and focusing on custom automotive performance and even rigging out and doing mobile welding.

▪️Tori says “Life isn’t easy as the female welder by any means but thankfully
I’m stubborn as a pig and my whole heart is grounded to the arc. Some may think females catch a break in the male dominated industry but in my experience I’ve had to work twice as hard and caught twice as much shit. Which in turn made me twice as bad ass.”


▫️ @new_edge4.6 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible story with me! I wish you the BEST of luck going out on your own, and cannot wait to see what you create! 💕

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