Meet Chelsea!!(@annie_okra_welds)⬇️⬇️


▪️Chelsea has always been into cars, from a young age she would tag along with her dad and brother to car shows. She decided in high school that she wanted to do some sort of auto body or paint work. She moved to a new school and was told by the guidance councillor they did not offer shop classes. Despite the fact that her locker was located in the same hallway as the shop classes that “didn’t exist”.

▫️She tried getting into a career center for auto body, the same guidance councillor told her that she would be better suited in advertising or graphic design, and rejected her application. (Honestly, who is this bitch, i would love to have words with them)

▪️Chelsea is the type of person that has to prove people wrong when they say she cannot do something! So after high school, she enrolled in trade school for auto body because she wanted to learn how to restore and build old hot rods! A friend of hers was taking welding to supplement his auto body, so she decided to do the same. She switched to welding as her main study, because she was enamoured by the ability to take raw material and make something of it.

▫️After she graduated, she began looking for welding jobs. She was told through contacts, that two employers had denied her application because she would be a “distraction to the guys”. 😑 She became very discouraged after that.

▪️When her kid began school, she decided to try again. She was hired after her first weld test, 8 years after she graduated. Chelsea is now mostly a TIG welder, even though TIG was her worst subject in school. Through perseverance and saying yes to every job thrown at her, she discovered that really loved it. They made her their main TIG welder, which had led to the job that she has now.


▫️ @annie_okra_welds Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I genuinely loved reading about your journey and I cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!! 💕

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