Meet Suzy!! (@princesssparkanglesey19)⬇️⬇️


▪️Suzy has been doing electrics with her dad since she was 14, but only officially got her qualifications in 2019!

▫️Suzy originally wanted to become a theatre performer, so she went to university for performing arts. She went against everything she had always been told, which was that she would never go to university.

▪️While at university, she got into the technical side of theatre. When she was looking for a job at the end of her degree, she found that she needed an electrical qualification to do technical theatre.

▫️Suzy went to college and studied to become an electrician. She found it incredibly difficult being a female in an all male class and industry. She has been forced to face judgement and sexism, which does not help her anxiety and self confidence.

▪️She is now doing talks about being a female electrician and encouraging girls into STEM subjects. She also writes a blog, following her journey, and the ups and downs of working in a male industry.


▫️ @princesssparkanglesey19 Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! We need more women speaking up about the treatment they face in their daily lives while in the trades, I’m so glad you are doing that! Keep kicking ass girl! 🥰

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