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Andrea Leone

▪️Andrea Leone is 38 years old from Chicago IL, and she is a welder/Carmen! She is one out of ten in the carmen craft throughout her company.

▫️She performs repairs, maintenance and modifications on commuter rail cars! She began as an apprentice, which was about 732 days. After she had learned the basics, she began mentoring under the shop welder. From the first arc and sizzle, she was in love! Any chance she got, she welded. She was stuck to that mans hip, asking questions.. repetitively.

▪️Andrea knew that this was a “man’s world”, she had to dive in and prove to them that she was a tough cookie. She dove head first in to learning everything she could. Half of the time she was scared shitless, but she knew she could do it! The more that she put herself out there, the more respected she became.

▫️8 years later, she is hustling and paving the way for more women to step up and own it! Seeing other women work in crafts or doing anything are passionate about gets Andrea pumped up!

▪️Andrea says “hell yeah we got this!! Nobody can tell you, that you can’t only you can. That honestly goes for anybody.”

Andrea Leone

▫️ @arcbettie Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story!! I look forward to seeing you kick ass and encourage more women! You’re amazing!

⚜️Tell me about an inspiring woman!! 💕↙️↘️

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