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▪️Shy began college right before she turned 18, as an Art Major. She loved every minute of it, she was working 3 part time jobs and doing 18+ credits per semester. She took a sculpture class and learned how to use an acetylene torch. From that point on, she knew that working with metal was what she wanted to do. She began taking welding courses and became a dual major.

▫️She fell for one of her classmates, which resulted in a terrible relationship. He was abusive, and alienated her from her friends and family. Needless to say, he was a piece of trash. But Shy had three kids to worry about, so she began working and cleaning houses in an old ski town. She reached out to old friends and filed for divorce.

▪️She began rebuilding her life with her kids, and they were happy. But things began getting expensive, and she realized that she didn’t want to clean houses forever. So they made another leap, and moved back home with her parents, where she spent a summer helping them and working in her dad’s shop.

▫️Her dad was looking for another mechanic, so Shy sat down and asked if he would sponsor her in an ASEP program. She applied for every scholarship and grant possible. While she was attending school, she met a guy. The two of them were the oldest students in the class, and it was just meant to be. 6 years later and they are still very much in love, and he loves her three kids as if they were his own.

▪️They pushed each other to finish school and they both ended up GM & ASE certified technicians. Although Shy loved being a mechanic, welding and working with metal was her true passion. He encouraged her to pursue her passion, which she is now doing! @carpartartbyshy


▫️ @shydavies Thank you so much for sharing your incredible journey with me! You are an inspirational woman and I hope your story inspires other women in a similar situation to stay strong and get out safely! 💕

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